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Try Alum Blocks! You Won't Believe the Results!

Shavex Alum Block -- Get it at RAZZLEDAZZLE!

Shavex Alum Block -- Get it at RAZZLEDAZZLE!

Alum Blocks are one of the many amazing products we sell at RAZZLEDAZZLE Barbershop!

Alum Blocks are crystal cubes formulated from naturally occurring Alum deposits. They're antiseptic, making them great as a toner and aftershave. Hypo-allergenic, they are suitable for all skin types. Apply to freshly shaved skin to cool down razor burn instantly, cure minor nicks and blemishes and close open pores. This boon for skin will leave behind smooth and even skin every time!

Used as an everyday tightening of the skin that naturally reduces lines and wrinkles.

They even work with electric razors!

Try it and you won't believe the results!  Please return for full refund if not satisfied with results.

Tips for Reducing the Look of Thinning Hair

Thinning hair is a problem for most men. By the age of thirty-five two-thirds of American men will experience some degree of appreciable hair loss. By the age of fifty approximately 85% of men have significantly thinning hair.

But there are some things you can do about it! And not all of them involve expensive and often painful shots, lasers and supplements.

Here's a few options you have if you're experiencing thinning hair:

1. Eat Better.

Hair is at its best when you're on a diet high in protein, iron, zinc, and vitamin B-12. Lean meats, leafy greens, beans, nuts and fish are some of the options that'll help you up those essential vitamins and minerals!

2. Massage That Hair!

Hey, this is something we REALLY know a lot about at RAZZLEDAZZLE ;-) Massaging your head improves blood flow to the slap and that means a better environment for your hair to grow. Think of it as fertilizing your garden and your hair is the crops. At RAZZLEDAZZLE, we offer a hairwash with massage for only $10 and a 20 minute pampering massage that includes the scalp for only $30!

3. Styling.

This is another area we can help with. Certain hair styles simply hide thinning hair better. Come to RAZZLEDAZZLE and talk to one of our barbers to find out what hair style would work best for you. Also, it's a good idea to cut out use of hair dryers as they can cause damage and breakage of your healthy hair.

4. Stop Stressing Out!

Stress can stop hair growth. If you're experiencing hair loss, try to relax. Need help? Come to RAZZLEDAZZLE. Our pampering will help you reduce stress and take you to cloud nine. You might even see your hair return before you leave!

5. Shave It Off!

Bald men are sexy ;-)


These are just a few things that can help with thinning hair. Has any of them worked for you? Let us know in the COMMENTS section below!

How to Grow a Better, Thicker Beard

At RAZZLEDAZZLE Barbershop, we can help you get the beard you've always wanted!

At RAZZLEDAZZLE Barbershop, we can help you get the beard you've always wanted!

Beards are hotter than ever and there's lots of different reasons men want to grow them. To look more manly. To look like a character from their favorite film. Maybe it's just because they want a change. 

But there's a difference between wanting to grow a beard and actually doing it. It's often easier said than done, for some men more than others. It requires a degree of commitment, but sometimes that's not enough. Sometimes your facial hair simply won't cooperate, but there's hope! 

Here's some simple tips for growing a better, thicker beard faster:


1. Give It The Time It Needs

Most people who set out to grow a beard never make it because they don't give it enough time. In general, you should give your beard at least four weeks to develop. Don't cut it, don't shape it. Just let it grow. Don't fall for the myth that shaving it makes it grow faster. After four weeks, come to RAZZLEDAZZLE and we can give you the shape/look you want.

2. Increase Your Testosterone Levels

Simply put, the more testosterone you have, the thicker your beard will grow. You can up your testosterone by exercising, improving your diet, getting plenty of rest and relieving stress (we can help with that with a nice dose of pampering!)

3. Maintain Healthy, Clean Skin

Think of your face as a garden and the beard as the crops you want to grow. If the soil isn't any good, you're not going to have much luck. Washing your face frequently will help exfoliate the skin and open pores, which could help increase facial hair growth overtime.

4. Buy A Beard Comb & Brush

If you want to grow a better beard, you better have the right tools. Facial hair tends to grow in whichever way it wants, leaving you with an unkempt mess. Using beard combs and brushes will let you distribute your facial hair evenly and that'll make it look fuller.

Have you done all of the above? Ready to have your beard shaped and styled how you want it? Come to RAZZLEDAZZLE and we'll make it look amazing with a side of pampering to keep that stress down so your beard keeps growing to its fullest potential. Keep coming in and we'll keep it that way!

And if you ever get tired of it, we can take it off with our wonderful straight razor hot shaves, including the Pampering Hot Shave, Imperial Hot Shave or Royal Hot Shave:

  • RAZZLEDAZZLE Pampering Hot Shave   $95

Includes straight edge hot lather shave with hot towel mini facial, cucumber eye treatment with scalp massage.

  • Imperial Hot Shave   $75

Includes straight edge hot lather shave with hot towel mini facial.

  • Royal Hot Shave   $45

Includes straight edge hot lather shave with hot towel face massage.


So are you ready to challenge yourself to grow a better, thicker beard!? Then do it! And make sure you come see us to show it off!

RAZZLEDAZZLE Barbershop: The 5-Star Experience

Our New Surfside Shop has a flawless 5-star rating!

Our New Surfside Shop has a flawless 5-star rating!

Recent reviews from where customers shared their FIVE-STAR experiences:


"Excellent haircut with Marisela. Every time I come here I get top of the line quality!" 

Reyn R., Atlanta, GA,

"Amazing place, barbers and hair dressers are very talented, I got a complimentary hand massage while I was getting my hair cut and enjoyed the entire experience." 

Danny F., Miami, FL,


"Love this place! Staff is nice and very attentive. I can always count on a legit Haircut. Danny is my main guy but any of the guys will give you a great cut."

Kelly Rock G., Miami, FL,

"Best place in south Florida to get a haircut. highly recommended. great guys, very personable. ask for Daniel. Gina gives the best hand massage."

Darius B., Boca Raton, FL,

"Wilfred the Barber is the best Barber in Miami. If you need a cut before you go out on a Saturday night, you need to stop by and see this man at RazzleDazzle Barbershop in Brickell !!!!!!!!!."

Paul K., San Diego, CA,

"Awesome staff. I had my first hair cut with Clara 3 years ago and no one has cut my hair but her. She even takes care of my kids hair. Very competent and professional, she makes all the RazzleDazzle experience worth. Highly recommend. Stop by and say hi to Clara."

Augusto T., Miami, FL,


"Great quick haircut in a unique environment. Period outfits with standards playing in the background."

Dave M., Niceville, FL,

"Friendly staff. Great job. Passionate. Complementary hand massage wonderful service. My husband is happy."

Sandrine P., Miami Beach, FL,


"Professional staff, cater your needs.  I drive 16 miles from Broward to get haircut for me and my 6 y/o.  Well worth the drive!!!."

Raymundo V., Hollywood, FL,


"I have been coming to South Miami RAZZLEDAZZLE Barbershop for about a year & have gotten at least ten haircuts, & I have never received anything less than phenomenal service. RAZZLEDAZZLE staff are fun & friendly & excel at what they do. The atmosphere is unlike anywhere else & I always look forward to getting my hair cut here. I wouldn't recommend anywhere else!"

Jake P., Miami, FL,

"Guillermo did a great job with the haircut and hot shave and Sheena was just great with the manicure and pedicure... overall great service and atmosphere.!"

Brian S., Miami, FL,


"This joint is amazing! My son and I had an incredible experience with Daniel-he was really friendly and knew his way around a pair of scissors. We even joked about flying out to Miami whenever we were in need of a fresh new look. Highly recommend this place for men and women alike!"

Hollee P., Marietta, GA,

"This is an amazing place to go if you are looking for a great haircut, and a fantastic experience. It offers a spectacular visual display accompanied by many bright, smiling faces. If you are looking for a clean, neat cut with a trustworthy barber, I highly recommend Razzle Dazzle. Daniel was my barber and he provided me with an ideal haircut that naturally fit my head. 5 stars overall!!"

Dauren P., Aventura, FL,


"I love the RazzleDazzle chain of men's salons. I think they are fun, friendly, a great value, and a great cut.  I walked into this new location on their first day open and was their first customer!  They took my photo to celebrate.  I got a great cut as always.!"

Jason R., New York, NY,

4 Popular Vintage Haircuts for Men

When it comes to men’s fashion and style, the 1940s offers plenty of inspiration for  hairstyles, clothing and accessories. These classic motifs can add a touch of quiet elegance and masculine sophistication to any gentleman’s appearance. 1940s charm can still be seen today in the subtle updating of iconic, military-based influences juxtaposed with a refined 1930s sentiment and finished with a more contemporary “rugged” touch. 

Today’s popular vintage hairstyles are a nod to past cultural icons, such as Frank Sinatra, James Cagney, Cary Grant, Humphrey Bogart and Edward G. Robinson. This trend has even been picked up in recent nostalgic films and television shows such as The Great Gatsby, Downton Abbey, Boardwalk Empire and Inglorious Basterds. 

Check out some of our barbershop franchise’s favorite 40s-era vintage haircuts: 


The Contrast Weight Line/Comb-over Cut

The Contrast Weight Line haircut is a great choice for curly or wavy hair as this cut is all about showing off hair movement through the asymmetrical cut. Parted heavily to one side, it also suits men with a lot of length or unruly crowns. The heavy weight on one side and the tight, clipped edges provide a complimentary style across all angles. This is an edgy look that is easy to mix up, and it plays well with mustaches and beards for a neo-lumberjack feel. A good example of a vintage Contrast Weight Line hair cut is shown on Eddie Redmayne in 2015’s The Danish Girl. Modern versions feature more drastic clips and asymmetrical lines.

The Ivy League Cut

This classic haircut sports short back and sides, and a tapered, longer front. This graduated cut, known for its popularity among Ivy League undergraduates of the 40s and 50s, is essentially a longer version of a Crew Cut.  While it still has the shorter sides and back of a Crew Cut, the top and front is longer than the crown, giving it a wedge-shaped profile from the side. When the front is left longer, it can be styled higher, in a pompadour, slicked straight back, or parted and partially slicked back. Cary Grant’s iconic waves were a classic Ivy League look.


The Brush/Flair/Square Cut

Similar to the conservative Flat Top haircut, the Brush Cut is longer on top and up front. Think of a Flat Top and Pompadour mashup. The sides and back can be either faded gradually or abruptly, or even clipped down to the skin. Generally, a wide-toothed comb and some type of pomade or other hair treatment is needed to keep the hair lifted, unless the hair is extremely thick. A good example of a Brush Cut style is Val Kilmer’s locks in Top Gun, though Justin Bieber has gone through several different incarnations of the style.


Undercut or Bowl Cut

Popular among German soldiers from WW2, the Undercut is a popular circa late 1940s haircut. This is an easy-care style that really requires little maintenance, and, depending on how it’s cut, is suitable for wavy or straight hair. The hair at the top front and crown is left quite long, while the sides and back are clipped or shaved closely to the earline or above, and there is little to no blending or fade between the two lengths, giving it the typical bowl shape seen on “James Darmody” in Boardwalk Empire.

Long before Mad Men's fictional “Don Draper”, retro style icons have been influencing popular style and culture and adding a vintage twist to modern men’s haircut styles. 

Check out our menu of services to find out more about how our barbershop franchise helps lucky gentlemen update their ‘do.

For more vintage hairstyles, we recommend this article.

Puttin’ on the Ritz: The Keys to Creating a Unique Brand Image

With barbershops and hair salons popping up on seemingly every street corner, there is a call for business owners to make their shop stand out. Many consumers find a stylist or barber they like and will likely remain faithful to that person for years to come.

The goal of the savvy marketer, then, is to get those customers through the door for an initial visit and to keep them coming back once they see why your shop is a cut above the rest.

Here are a few ideas to help you make your dream for a standout hair care brand image a reality:

Establish signature standards for customer service

Your stylists need to make every customer feel special. If repeat clients have a special event coming up, invite them in to receive a discount on services. Entice new customers by sharing special offers on your social media pages. You can also use platforms like Facebook as tools to show established and prospective clients the type of brand image you want your shop to portray. Share candid photos, funny stories, parties and events, and hair advice in order to improve social media engagement and breathe life into your brand.


Create an experience

Not every client is looking for cheap and quick hair services. RAZZLEDAZZLE carves out a niche in the market by appealing to those who miss the novelty of the pampering that used to go hand in hand with a trip to the barbershop. Even if the throwback vibe isn’t your cup of tea, consider going above and beyond the standard to create an unmatched experience for your guests.


Choose a consistent design

Vintage logos and marketing materials helped us expand upon the old-fashioned vibe of our shop. We used familiar and comforting motifs such as spotlights, lace, and Victorian accents, as well as dark, bold colors to trigger a nostalgic response. Likewise, you’ll want to give careful thought to creating a consistent look and feel throughout your materials in order to generate buzz in the best way possible.


Enhance your brand experience with cutting-edge technology

If you’re trying to construct a more modern atmosphere, you’ll likely want to appeal to more tech-savvy individuals. In this case, you can install intuitive software solutions that will help create a stress-free visit to your salon. Programs can permit online booking with stylists as well as management of the stylists’ schedules. Stylists can also connect directly with their clients through the use of email reminders and text alerts.


Community Involvement

Getting involved in your local community is a must for any business trying to build its brand image. At RAZZLEDAZZLE, we host plenty of events that aid local charities, such as providing free hair care services to a local women’s shelter, hosting annual cut-a-thons, and more. Another possibility is sponsoring a team in a charity run and having your brand featured as a supporter of the cause. All in all, your community will be your backbone – patronizing your business, promoting your services, and benefitting from your economic contributions. Make sure they always know how much you value them.

Finding the right combination of branding and marketing tactics is a trial and error process. Never be afraid to take risks in order to craft a lasting brand image in this highly competitive field.

Click here to learn more about how RAZZLEDAZZLE does it best in the branding category!

4 Tips for Maintaining a Brag-worthy Beard

“No Shave November” is here! Also known as “Movember,” this month marks a 30-day period where men everywhere ditch their razors and grow out their facial hair in support of prostate cancer, depression, and other men’s issues. As you prepare to stand in rugged solidarity, bear in mind that basic grooming is essential to the process. By carefully grooming a beard and caring for the face properly, a man creates a statement about his personality and style!

Use a Warm Towel

Before grooming your beard, wet a towel with warm water and place it on your skin. A warm towel helps to open up the pores and reduces the risk of ingrown hairs. After basic grooming and shaping, rinse the face with cold water or use a cold towel on the face. The shock caused by the cold temperature seals the pores and helps to reduce redness that might result from removing excess hair or creating definition.

Give It Time to Grow

Do not do any adjustments, shaping, or shaving during the first few days of growth. The duration of this initial wait depends on your beard’s particular style or appearance.

For a short beard, start shaping and grooming about one to two weeks after the beard grows in. Use clippers to ensure that your beard has the same length throughout, and then use a razor to create a clear line. Do not shave to the chin. Rather, leave extra hair on the neck to create a natural and well-maintained appearance.

Clean the Beard Regularly

Avoid using basic soap to clean a beard. Choose a moisturizing shampoo instead. Soap dries out the skin and causes the beard to look and feel brittle. Moisturizing shampoo, particularly natural and organic options, keep the hair healthy and prevents any skin sensitivity.

Trim the Beard

As your beard grows longer, it’s important to keep it clean and groomed by trimming at least once every month or two. For a short beard, trim once every one to two weeks. Proper grooming ensures that your beard will grow in healthy and clean. It also helps create the look a man wants without appearing to be unkempt or uncaring.

The key to a great beard throughout November is careful cleaning and routine maintenance. With the proper tools and a steady regimen, you’ll be well on your way to growing a swoon-inducing beard that is sure to catch a woman’s eye! 

Need a little help with sprucing up your scruff? There’s nothing like a woman’s touch! Find out more about our luxurious shaving and grooming services here.

RAZZLEDAZZLE Reviews Spotlight


"Won't get a haircut anywhere else in Miami. I've tried two locations and my experience at both have been equally positive. Staff is friendly,  attentive, and provide an old fashioned barbershop experience that is just awesome. Expect a relaxing hand massage during your haircut and hot/cold towels with your hot lather straight edge shave. If you're willing to spend a little more for quality, give them a try!" 

Alberto R., Miami, FL, 


"Walked in and was greeted by the entire staff. I normally go for a high and tight cut, but my barber, Joaquin suggested a different style based on my hair type. I trusted his professional opinion and I'm extremely happy that I did. It turned out amazing!  My fiancé also decided that this is how I MUST have my haircut for our wedding. Thanks for the suggestion Joaquin! I was offered coffee, received a hand massage and was treated with A+ service. I will definitely be returning for my next cut and beard trim!

Josh V., Fort Lauderdale, FL, 


"Just an awesome experience all around. Friendly staff, a complimentary (awesome) hand massage from a beautiful girl and a great quality haircut. Left feeling like I had been to a spa after the warm towel head massage. I'll be back for more!"

James P., Philadelphia, PA, 


"When I walked in, I thought the price was a little expensive, but I decided to get a haircut anyways. I couldn't be happier. The barber has so much attention to detail, gives great haircuts, converses with you, and the hostess is as equally amazing. She gives you a scalp massage and complimentary whiskey shot. I would definitely recommend to try this place."

Rene R., Miami, FL, 


"This place is great! I have gone twice and the customer service has been top-notch both times. The manager greets all the customers and spends time listening to what we like about the place. The atmosphere is very unique compared to anything else in Miami."

AI C., Miami, FL,