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Puttin’ on the Ritz: The Keys to Creating a Unique Brand Image

With barbershops and hair salons popping up on seemingly every street corner, there is a call for business owners to make their shop stand out. Many consumers find a stylist or barber they like and will likely remain faithful to that person for years to come.

The goal of the savvy marketer, then, is to get those customers through the door for an initial visit and to keep them coming back once they see why your shop is a cut above the rest.

Here are a few ideas to help you make your dream for a standout hair care brand image a reality:

Establish signature standards for customer service

Your stylists need to make every customer feel special. If repeat clients have a special event coming up, invite them in to receive a discount on services. Entice new customers by sharing special offers on your social media pages. You can also use platforms like Facebook as tools to show established and prospective clients the type of brand image you want your shop to portray. Share candid photos, funny stories, parties and events, and hair advice in order to improve social media engagement and breathe life into your brand.


Create an experience

Not every client is looking for cheap and quick hair services. RAZZLEDAZZLE carves out a niche in the market by appealing to those who miss the novelty of the pampering that used to go hand in hand with a trip to the barbershop. Even if the throwback vibe isn’t your cup of tea, consider going above and beyond the standard to create an unmatched experience for your guests.


Choose a consistent design

Vintage logos and marketing materials helped us expand upon the old-fashioned vibe of our shop. We used familiar and comforting motifs such as spotlights, lace, and Victorian accents, as well as dark, bold colors to trigger a nostalgic response. Likewise, you’ll want to give careful thought to creating a consistent look and feel throughout your materials in order to generate buzz in the best way possible.


Enhance your brand experience with cutting-edge technology

If you’re trying to construct a more modern atmosphere, you’ll likely want to appeal to more tech-savvy individuals. In this case, you can install intuitive software solutions that will help create a stress-free visit to your salon. Programs can permit online booking with stylists as well as management of the stylists’ schedules. Stylists can also connect directly with their clients through the use of email reminders and text alerts.


Community Involvement

Getting involved in your local community is a must for any business trying to build its brand image. At RAZZLEDAZZLE, we host plenty of events that aid local charities, such as providing free hair care services to a local women’s shelter, hosting annual cut-a-thons, and more. Another possibility is sponsoring a team in a charity run and having your brand featured as a supporter of the cause. All in all, your community will be your backbone – patronizing your business, promoting your services, and benefitting from your economic contributions. Make sure they always know how much you value them.

Finding the right combination of branding and marketing tactics is a trial and error process. Never be afraid to take risks in order to craft a lasting brand image in this highly competitive field.

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