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4 Tips for Maintaining a Brag-worthy Beard

“No Shave November” is here! Also known as “Movember,” this month marks a 30-day period where men everywhere ditch their razors and grow out their facial hair in support of prostate cancer, depression, and other men’s issues. As you prepare to stand in rugged solidarity, bear in mind that basic grooming is essential to the process. By carefully grooming a beard and caring for the face properly, a man creates a statement about his personality and style!

Use a Warm Towel

Before grooming your beard, wet a towel with warm water and place it on your skin. A warm towel helps to open up the pores and reduces the risk of ingrown hairs. After basic grooming and shaping, rinse the face with cold water or use a cold towel on the face. The shock caused by the cold temperature seals the pores and helps to reduce redness that might result from removing excess hair or creating definition.

Give It Time to Grow

Do not do any adjustments, shaping, or shaving during the first few days of growth. The duration of this initial wait depends on your beard’s particular style or appearance.

For a short beard, start shaping and grooming about one to two weeks after the beard grows in. Use clippers to ensure that your beard has the same length throughout, and then use a razor to create a clear line. Do not shave to the chin. Rather, leave extra hair on the neck to create a natural and well-maintained appearance.

Clean the Beard Regularly

Avoid using basic soap to clean a beard. Choose a moisturizing shampoo instead. Soap dries out the skin and causes the beard to look and feel brittle. Moisturizing shampoo, particularly natural and organic options, keep the hair healthy and prevents any skin sensitivity.

Trim the Beard

As your beard grows longer, it’s important to keep it clean and groomed by trimming at least once every month or two. For a short beard, trim once every one to two weeks. Proper grooming ensures that your beard will grow in healthy and clean. It also helps create the look a man wants without appearing to be unkempt or uncaring.

The key to a great beard throughout November is careful cleaning and routine maintenance. With the proper tools and a steady regimen, you’ll be well on your way to growing a swoon-inducing beard that is sure to catch a woman’s eye! 

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