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Tips for Reducing the Look of Thinning Hair

Thinning hair is a problem for most men. By the age of thirty-five two-thirds of American men will experience some degree of appreciable hair loss. By the age of fifty approximately 85% of men have significantly thinning hair.

But there are some things you can do about it! And not all of them involve expensive and often painful shots, lasers and supplements.

Here's a few options you have if you're experiencing thinning hair:

1. Eat Better.

Hair is at its best when you're on a diet high in protein, iron, zinc, and vitamin B-12. Lean meats, leafy greens, beans, nuts and fish are some of the options that'll help you up those essential vitamins and minerals!

2. Massage That Hair!

Hey, this is something we REALLY know a lot about at RAZZLEDAZZLE ;-) Massaging your head improves blood flow to the slap and that means a better environment for your hair to grow. Think of it as fertilizing your garden and your hair is the crops. At RAZZLEDAZZLE, we offer a hairwash with massage for only $10 and a 20 minute pampering massage that includes the scalp for only $30!

3. Styling.

This is another area we can help with. Certain hair styles simply hide thinning hair better. Come to RAZZLEDAZZLE and talk to one of our barbers to find out what hair style would work best for you. Also, it's a good idea to cut out use of hair dryers as they can cause damage and breakage of your healthy hair.

4. Stop Stressing Out!

Stress can stop hair growth. If you're experiencing hair loss, try to relax. Need help? Come to RAZZLEDAZZLE. Our pampering will help you reduce stress and take you to cloud nine. You might even see your hair return before you leave!

5. Shave It Off!

Bald men are sexy ;-)


These are just a few things that can help with thinning hair. Has any of them worked for you? Let us know in the COMMENTS section below!

How to Grow a Better, Thicker Beard

At RAZZLEDAZZLE Barbershop, we can help you get the beard you've always wanted!

At RAZZLEDAZZLE Barbershop, we can help you get the beard you've always wanted!

Beards are hotter than ever and there's lots of different reasons men want to grow them. To look more manly. To look like a character from their favorite film. Maybe it's just because they want a change. 

But there's a difference between wanting to grow a beard and actually doing it. It's often easier said than done, for some men more than others. It requires a degree of commitment, but sometimes that's not enough. Sometimes your facial hair simply won't cooperate, but there's hope! 

Here's some simple tips for growing a better, thicker beard faster:


1. Give It The Time It Needs

Most people who set out to grow a beard never make it because they don't give it enough time. In general, you should give your beard at least four weeks to develop. Don't cut it, don't shape it. Just let it grow. Don't fall for the myth that shaving it makes it grow faster. After four weeks, come to RAZZLEDAZZLE and we can give you the shape/look you want.

2. Increase Your Testosterone Levels

Simply put, the more testosterone you have, the thicker your beard will grow. You can up your testosterone by exercising, improving your diet, getting plenty of rest and relieving stress (we can help with that with a nice dose of pampering!)

3. Maintain Healthy, Clean Skin

Think of your face as a garden and the beard as the crops you want to grow. If the soil isn't any good, you're not going to have much luck. Washing your face frequently will help exfoliate the skin and open pores, which could help increase facial hair growth overtime.

4. Buy A Beard Comb & Brush

If you want to grow a better beard, you better have the right tools. Facial hair tends to grow in whichever way it wants, leaving you with an unkempt mess. Using beard combs and brushes will let you distribute your facial hair evenly and that'll make it look fuller.

Have you done all of the above? Ready to have your beard shaped and styled how you want it? Come to RAZZLEDAZZLE and we'll make it look amazing with a side of pampering to keep that stress down so your beard keeps growing to its fullest potential. Keep coming in and we'll keep it that way!

And if you ever get tired of it, we can take it off with our wonderful straight razor hot shaves, including the Pampering Hot Shave, Imperial Hot Shave or Royal Hot Shave:

  • RAZZLEDAZZLE Pampering Hot Shave   $95

Includes straight edge hot lather shave with hot towel mini facial, cucumber eye treatment with scalp massage.

  • Imperial Hot Shave   $75

Includes straight edge hot lather shave with hot towel mini facial.

  • Royal Hot Shave   $45

Includes straight edge hot lather shave with hot towel face massage.


So are you ready to challenge yourself to grow a better, thicker beard!? Then do it! And make sure you come see us to show it off!